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BT 0871 Alternative

BT 0871 Alternative

Why are you with BT?
Here at 08UK we are the real alternative to BT, British Telecom, for your 0871 number. You can seamlessly move any existing 08 or 03 or 09 numbers click here for more on porting / moving your 0871 numbers porting 0871 BT 0871 numbers to us free of charge. BT tend only to pay 2p/minute for 10p/minute 0871 numbers, we will start you on 3.75p/minute. We firmly believe we are the UK premier 0871 number provider, so for new numbers you have found the right company, but also we can port (port means move) most other major carriers changing your 0871 number supplier numbers too. We only offer the very highest tier1 carriers, the real alternative to BT, with like for like call quality.

At 08UK we are transferring 0871 numbers daily
We are a very experienced team, we have been porting 0871 numbers to our accounts for over ten years now. We know the rules of porting inside & out, we know that some companies do not adhere to government guidelines regarding their porting responsibilities, which makes life difficult if you are with them - to get away from them. We are regularly porting moving BT 0871, NTL 0871, Opal 0871, Vodafone 0871, Kingston or K Com 0871, Energis 0871, Telstra 0871, Gamma 0871, Thus 0871, Telewest 0871 and many more carriers' numbers to our accounts. We do not charge for the port transfer provided you are receiving over 2000 minutes of calls each month on the number.

Internal Migrate your 0871 number
Plus, we can seamlessly transfer your 0871 or 0872 (or any 08, 03 or 09) to our tier1 account by arranging for an internal migration within the carrier you are with. We will improve your inbound call handling services & increase your 0871 return/rebate/minute. Plus you may take advantage of our useful free features plus web portal access & control to build the best 0871 call handling solution, to cover continuity & disaster recovery situations, here BT may not offer you this or may charge you a lot for it. We can tell instantly if we can move your 0871 & or whom you could move to. For more reasons why you should move your 0871 numbers away from BT to 08UK click here.

For more information please call us for free on 0800 92 333 92 or email our team using & we will be happy to call you back.

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